Photovoltaic system:

A photovoltaic system with a total area of 500m² was installed on the roof of our company site in spring 2021. The 270 photovoltaic modules have already enabled us to save almost 40 tons of CO2 emissions by mid-August.

With a maximum power generation of 98.55 kW, we obtain an annual average of up to 55% of the company's electricity consumption via the in-house photovoltaic system and can also feed the surplus electricity into the general power grid.

Hybrid company vehicles:

We place particular emphasis on our company cars, all of which are equipped with hybrid drives. The electric drives are charged using state-of-the-art technology. Wallboxes, which owe their name to the way they are attached to the exterior facade, supply our vehicles reliably and quickly with electricity from our in-house photovoltaic system.


The sanitary area of our office premises is in no way inferior to our forward-looking and sustainable corporate style. Instead of using disposable paper towels, our team has access to freshly laundered, velvety-soft hand towels several times a day.

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